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White Packing Paper Wrap 25 lbs
  • Recommended use: Neatly wrap items such as glass cups, plates and other fragile valuables to prevent scratching and breaking
  • Demensions  24 in. x 36 in. ( L x W )
  • Approximately 400 Sheets 

Approximately 400 sheets size 24″ x 36″ used to neatly wrap and prevent scratches and cracking on your items.  This paper won't leave black marks on item or hands like old newspapers.  A clean low-cost alternative for wrapping lightweight items or using as interleaving and filling in voids. Newsprint sheets are securely packaged in boxes.


  • 24 in. x 36 in.
  • Approx  400 Sheets
  • 25 lbs 
  • Shipping dimesnions 22 in. × 15 in. × 4 in.
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