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Say “Hello” to the new Packing R Us!

August 18, 2019

Say “Hello” to the new Packing R Us!

Packing R Us was founded in 2008 with a single mission, to serve NYC locals with all of their moving and storage needs. In February 2019, after a decade of building and growing our customer base, private launchpad holdings, Intellectual Digital(lead by Executive Director, Adam Harrington) invested in Packing R Us, accelerating the company to roll out its operations locally.

Packing R Us has undergone a rebranding and makeover and we could not be more excited to share our new look starting Summer 2019.

With Intellectual Digital’s funding and leadership, we redesigned the entire Packing R Us shopping experience to better serve the needs of our customers from specialty boxes, like our gallery boxes, mattress boxes to our chandelier boxes. We even have a Commercial Bin that can withstand 1000 pounds! We have moving supplies like Bubble Wrap ranging in a number of sizes to Glass Storage Kits.

Our mission has not changed.  We have now expanded with the means to offer the same quality and service that made Packing R Us a first choice, here to make packing and storage an easy and more enjoyable experience for all.

There is no packing too big or small. Our experienced staff are there each step of the way giving you peace of mind and comfort with our same day and next day delivery.


Beyond your basic boxes, a better packing experience.

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