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Wood Crates

Packing R Us is the very best choice when it comes to packing fine arts and crating. As if moving in New York City wasn’t stressful enough, packing fragile, valuable and irreplaceable items such as antiques and works of fine art can be a nerve wracking experience.

Packing R Us extends a special brand of packing-crating expertise and customer service to the most sensitive, vulnerable and valuable of items among our customers’ belongings such as paintings, sculptures and fine art collections. Our trained and dedicated staff assesses your antiques and works of fine art to determine the best form of protection. We build custom crates, padded with a variety of materials depending on the nature of the items to be protected.

This customized form of packing of these items is done to prevent any damage or breakage in transit and to give you peace of mind to know your works of art will be protected and cared for as well as moved to their new destination and will arrive there safe and sound. Paintings, mirrors and antique furniture more often than not require made to order crates that insure safe arrival.

The use and the quality of a crate often make the difference between safe arrival and catastrophe. Whether the requirement is for cartons, bubble wrap, unprinted paper, glassine of stretch wrap, the fine art and antique division supplies only premium materials that can never stain or affect the stability of family heirlooms.

custom wood crates

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