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Mini Wardrobe Box
  • Recommended use: Ideally used to hang and pack shirts, suites, pants, skirts, short dresses, coat and other items usually found in your closet.
  • Dimensions: 20 in x 20 in. x 34 in. (L x W x H)
  • 7.9 C/F
  • 20 in. metal hanging bar included

Our single walled wardrobe box includes accompanying 20″ metal bar. Ideally used for hanging shirts, suits, pants, skirts, gowns, coats, and other high fashion items. Simply remove your clothes on their hangers from your closet and hang them in our protective wardrobe box. You can even place shoes & light items in the bottom of this box.

  • Dimensions 20 in. x  20 in. x  34 in.
  • 7.9 C/F 
  • 20 in. metal bar included
  • Empty weight per box: 4.2 lbs.
  • Shipping dimensions:  20 in. x  35.5 in. x  1 in.
  • Eco-friendly & recycled
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