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A Better Packing Experience

Our customers know Packing R Us helps with their packing needs. We make the process easier, faster, and less stressful with our well stocked moving boxes to speciality ones like electronic to mattress boxes in combination with our inhouse resourceful and expert customer service team. 

With over a decade of offering packing solutions, we became the best boxes and moving supplies company because we believe in a better packing experience for all.


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Who We Are

Founded in 2008 New York City, Packing R Us is an e-commerce company.

We provide specialty boxes, moving boxes and packing supplies for all your needs,

whether moving homes, into storage, or shipping gifts to loved ones.

We have the right box for any occasion without compromising quality, speed, or care.

Beyond basic boxes, a better packing experience.


Packing Tips

- To help strengthen boxes use packing tape along the box’s top and bottom edges and folding points.


- If you are moving, declutter first and donate the belongings you no longer need to organizations like Housing Works or Salvation Army. Double bonus, you can request for a tax donation form!


- If you find yourself short of packing materials and have a few boxes laying around, cut them down and make triangular prism to help fill the gaps. 


- Spread heavy items among all your boxes even if you hire professional movers!

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