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Welcome to PackingRUs—Manhattan's Same Day Delivery NYC Moving Boxes On Demand Mobile Store


PackingRUs is a Full-Service Moving Boxes, Moving Supplies, Packing Kits, and Packing & Unpacking service based in Manhattan, New York featuring Free Same Day Delivery.


PackingRUs provides a complete range of full service local, long distance, and international packing services in New York City. We specialize in both residential and commercial relocations, as well as assisting galleries, offices, and college students move their belongings across town, interstate, or even across oceans. Our no minimum order policy featuring Free Same Day Delivery is backed by our 100% Buy Back Policy for unused boxes providing unrivaled service in Manhattan. You can move the hard way, or you can move the easy way--so call PackingRUs today for a stress-free relocation.


Free Same Day Delivery, No Minimum, No Fine Print--Anywhere in NYC

Among moving services in New York City, we are unique. After years of hearing clients complain about the burden of not only packing but actually getting their supplies up to their homes, we decided to simplify and innovate the process. Here at PackingRUs, we deliver same day Moving Boxes, Moving Supplies, and Moving Kits anywhere in Manhattan. We have a no minimum, free same day delivery policy for all of our clients. We know how difficult it can be to not only buy boxes but to transport them home and actually get them up to your apartment. Let us take care of the details—you have enough on your plate!

Manhattan's Best Moving Boxes & Moving Supplies—On Demand!

Our trucks operate as a mobile store, with corrugated cardboard boxes, customizable moving kits, and packing supplies already on our PackingRUs trucks when we arrive at your NYC home. You can always pre-order what you think you will need for your move. However, if you're unsure what your relocation will require, our courteous, experienced, and professionally trained drivers can give you an on-site estimate when they come to deliver your boxes. And all of our boxes are USPS, DHL, FedEx, & UPS approved for shipping through the mail a breeze from anywhere in New York and beyond. Shipping boxes was never so easy as PackingRUs makes it!

NYC Commercial & Residential Moving Boxes

PackingRUs uses only commercial grade ECT tested corrugated cardboard moving boxes for every need--from commercial to residential goods to dorms & college students, galleries, and specialty items, we’ve got you covered. PackingRUs has cultivated an exhaustive inventory of cardboard moving boxes. On the basic end, we have small boxes, medium boxes, large & extra-large boxes to accommodate household goods large and small.

From book boxes & electronics boxes to china & dish boxes, TV boxes, linen boxes, guitar boxes, art & mirror boxes, to mattress boxes (and even airtight covers!) we’ve thought of everything! We even have chandelier and pet carrying boxes with moisture resistant coating and sturdy handles with ventilation for easy breathing and air circulation to make your small pets cozy during travel.

Our specialty boxes include uniquely sized cardboard boxes for guitars, tennis racquets, lamps, golf clubs, file boxes, and even bike boxes! PackingRUs promises we have what you need--and with boxes that can be individually sized for irregularly shaped items you know that you’ll always be expertly taken care of. Our On-Demand inventory of moving boxes and packing supplies makes us an industry leader with competitive pricing that can’t be beat! Call PackingRUs now and let us move you--to a place of relocation peace of mind.

Custom NYC Home Moving Kits & Packing Kits

When moving from New York or around Manhattan, part of the stress comes from not knowing where to begin—let alone what to order for your NYC relocation. At PackingRUs we’ve spent 20 years studying the needs of our Manhattan city clients and refining custom moving kits for every home and every need. From Studio Apartments, One Bedroom apartments to Five-Bedroom homes, and from College Dorms to Large Offices and Small Businesses we know what moving boxes and packing supplies you need to complete your custom moving kit. Each NYC Moving Kit comes in three sizes: Starter, Essential, and Full.

Our Moving Kits are always 10% cheaper than ordering moving supplies and packing boxes à  la carte and our packing kits can be customized to your home.  Featuring our guaranteed, durable & sturdy, corrugated cardboard moving boxes, you know your goods are safe & secure. And if you run out of anything, give us a ring to let us know what you need and we’ll be more than happy to drop off extra materials to your Manhattan home or apartment.

New York’s On Demand Packing Supplies--To Your Door (or Doorman!)

PackingRUs takes pride in the quality of our professional-grade, corrugated, and factory tested premium grade Edge Crash Test (ECT) moving boxes, shipping boxes & crates, and packing supplies. We sell everything you could possibly need to protect your precious belongings: From shippable boxes & custom wooden crates, to furniture pads, mattress covers & shields, packing paper, bubble wrap, packing tape & tape dispensers, to the permanent markers to label your boxes  (there’s nothing worse than unpacking the bathroom in the living room or the kid’s toys in the office!). Everything is already on our trucks as they drive around Manhattan, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to order anything--we always have all your packing supplies and moving kits ready to go. We know that schlepping around your boxes and supplies around Manhattan can be difficult (not to mention stressful) so we’ll deliver to your door--or to your doorman if you’re unavailable to receive them. PackingRUs is New York City moving made simple.

The Manhattan Moving Doctors—Diagnosing an NYC Relocation

We pride ourselves on having an extensive inventory of corrugated cardboard moving boxes, relocation supplies, and moving kits on our trucks as they navigate the city from Battery Park to Washington Heights--and everywhere in between. This variety means that we can supply moving boxes and packing kits for any and all of New York City’s needs. Our cornucopia of  shippable moving box sizes and customizable wooden crates  can not only fit most household goods and belongings, but many packing boxes can be customized to fit even the most unique items. Let us know if you have a uniquely shaped item that you’re worried about packing & transporting from New York to your destination location. Our drivers—like a moving diagnostician —will diagnose your shipping, moving, and packing needs on-site and provide you with a prescription for your relocation. It’s as easy as that!

New York’s Expert, Reliable, Prompt & Stress-Free Moving

Separating PackingRUs from the competition is easy! PackingRUs sells only quality packing supplies & moving kits  to our valued NYC customers. We take precautions against the horror stories you’ve heard about moving in New York City—from broken items to items lost in transit, PackingRUs makes sure that your items will pristinely survive transport and arrive in one piece. When moving, only the most reliable packing supplies will hold up—and we guarantee every product--from moving boxes to packing supplies--we sell is up to our very stringent professional standards.

Experienced, Licensed & Professional NYC Packing & Moving—Guaranteed!

Our experienced licensed professionals have helped hundreds of satisfied Manhattan customers pack up everything they own--faster and easier than they ever imagined! We delight in making New Yorkers’ moves efficient, safe, and stress-free so you can sit back and relax knowing that everything is being expertly handled with the same care you put into making your home a beautiful place to live for you and your family. Each of our experienced packing professionals have all been with us for many years--so you’ll never have to worry about inexperienced seasonal workers handling your valuables. We believe practice makes for a perfect moving experience so we only provide the most knowledgeable professionals to packing and handle your possessions.

100% Buy Back Policy for Unused Moving Boxes & Packing Supplies

If you feel like you ordered too many moving boxes, we'll even pick up the extras and reimburse you for any unused packing boxes! Your satisfaction is important to us and our 100% Buy-Back Policy ensures our busy New York clients have a great experience packing & moving single items, residential homes, and commercial spaces.

New York City’s Best Professional Packing & Unpacking Services

Our best in the industry packing & unpacking services make moving New York a breeze—and takes the headache out of an otherwise stressful process. Upon delivery of your moving supplies anywhere in Manhattan, simply request a packing & unpacking estimate. We use only professional & durable moving grade furniture pads, bubble wrap, and shrink wrap to make sure your furniture is transported safely & securely. All dishes and fine china are carefully wrapped in either packing paper or bubble wrap to reinforce them for the journey (or storage!) ahead.

Our professional and experienced packers go through a stringent training process to ensure your home and belongings are taken care of with NYC TLC—New York City’s Tender Loving Care! Our packing professionals are well dressed, clean cut, friendly, and experienced. We are proud that our packing associates have each been with us for many years which means they’re experienced packing & moving around NYC. And all our employees are held to performance standards to insure your New York City move is done as quickly & safely as possible.

Fine Art & Antiques Packing Services

The Fine Art & Antiques division of PackingRUs,has been the preferred carrier for museums, art galleries, and celebrated auction houses for more than 20 years. Packing and crating fine art and antiques require skilled handlers, custom crate makers, and master packers. PackingRUs is the very best company when it comes to Fine Art packing and crating. As if moving in New York City weren't stressful enough, packing fragile, valuable, and irreplaceable items such as antiques and works of Fine Art can be a nerve wracking experience for collectors. PackingRUs extends a special brand of packing & crating expertise coupled with best-in-class customer service for our clients most sensitive, vulnerable, and valuable of items including--but not limited to--paintings, sculptures, mirrors, antique furniture, and other items in your fine art collection. By using only quality materials and custom crates, is the difference between safe arrival and catastrophe.

Our trained and dedicated staff assesses your antiques and works of Fine Art to determine the best form of protection for transporting them across town, across the country, or across oceans. PackingRUs builds custom crates, padded with a variety of materials depending on the nature of the items that require protection.

This customized form of packing is masterly done to protect valuable from any damage or breakage during. We aim to give you peace of mind that comes from knowing your fine art will be protected and cared for so that your belongings arrive at their destination safe and sound--and in the same condition they left your home in.

Whether your pieces require cartons, bubble wrap, unprinted acid-free art paper, or stretch wrap (or all of the above!), PackingRUs’ Fine Art & Antiques department supplies only premium materials that can never stain or affect the stability of family heirlooms. We at PackingRUs consider it a privilege to consult with you prior to packing and shipping. By learning more about your items in advance, we ensure transportation or shipping goes off without a hitch--and that your items return to you in the same pristine condition they left you in. The Fine Art & Antiques division of PackingRUs,has been the preferred carrier to museums,art galleries and celebrated auction houses for more than 10 years.

On Demand Custom Wood Shipping Crates in NYC

PackingRUs is the professional go-to for New York’s custom crating of valuables such as fine art, delicate antiques, sculptures, family heirlooms, and other valuable or irreplaceable items. While we can build larger wood crates off-site, our expert technicians and drivers carry all the necessary equipment to build on-site right at your home! After taking the measurements of your piece(s) our dedicated craftsmen custom build wooden crates to the exact specifications of your valuables at your Manhattan home! No need to wait days for your custom wooden crates to arrive, with our specialty and innovative services you get the PackingRUs guarantee of On Demand moving bins and customized wooden packing crates at prices you can’t find anywhere else in New York.

With convenience and transportation safety as the two pillars of our NYC wood box crating services, we work hard to ensure your experience is not only fast, efficient, and easy but won’t break the bank. The use and quality of a wood crate often makes the difference between safe arrival and catastrophe when shipping items locally, long distance, or internationally from New York. Whether your items require cartons, bubble wrap, acid free art & packing paper, stretch/shrink wrap, the Fine Art & Antique Department at PackingRUs supplies only premium materials to protect your valuables from stains and damage during transport or while in storage.

New York’s Specialty Wood Reinforced Cardboard Crates

We know many of our clients are budget conscious and want the best option for their money, wood reinforced corrugated cardboard crates provide the perfect alternative to the more expensive wood crates. While wood crates are required for international shipping by law, many items that are only moving across the city or across state lines can be safely secured in our PackingRUs custom wood reinforced cardboard crates--built on-site and on-demand. Significantly less expensive than custom wood crates, wood-reinforced cardboard crates are built on-site and are a revolutionary new product offered only by PackingRUs! If you’re unsure of your needs, simply let us know and we’ll diagnose the requirements for your goods. Here at PackingRUs we’ve thought of everything New Yorkers could want--give us a call today to discuss your relocation needs, we’re always here to help!

New York Relocation: Flat Rate, One Price Guarantee

Each quote is non-obligation and is always a flat rate so you'll never pay a dollar more nor a dollar less than what we quote you on-site during your estimate in Manhattan. We guarantee our on-site quotes--there will never be any hidden fees or charges. It’s New York City packing & moving made simple!

Safe & Secure NYC Storage Services

At PackingRUs we know the safety of your belongings is important to you—And that means it’s important to us. When it comes to storing your belongings, furniture, personal items, and business property you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your things are safely guarded and protected in our safe & secure facility in New York City. With round the clock surveillance and security, our Storage Facility provides a protected environment safe from fire and theft, as well as the elements from New York’s mercurial seasons.

Our NYC facility is temperature regulated and climate controlled to ensure that your belongings come back to you in the same exact condition they left your home or business in--clean and pristine. During your belongings stay in our air conditioned, heated, and dry facility, items will be labeled with both the room they came from and the contents of each box so if you need any item from your storage we can get it to you quickly and without hassle. Simply call us 24-48 hours in advance and we’ll make sure to greet you at our warehouse. For all your commercial, professional, and residential Manhattan short or long-term storage needs, PackingRUs Storage is the way to go. And with unbeatable prices you know you and your belongings are always taken care of--that’s the PackingRUs guarantee!

Unbelievable Prices & Unbeatable Service NYC

Depending on where you purchase packing materials in New York City, your move can either be easy or be made more difficult. PackingRUs has made a name for ourselves in New York by providing top quality packing materials and moving kits at prices that can’t be beat! The moving process involves great focus, time, and effort and there is no reason to have to worry that your belongings won’t survive the journey because of flimsy or cheap moving boxes and packing supplies. Our moving supplies and packing boxes will make your move as easy as one, two, three--done!

At PackingRUs, customer satisfaction is paramount. We are have built a reputation on providing red carpet service for budget prices everywhere in Manhattan. You’ll rest easy knowing you received the most affordable solutions for all of your packing and crating needs on time, on budget, and without headache--anywhere in NYC. That’s service New Yorkers can trust with quality reassurance for even our most discerning clients.

From your first inquiry regarding moving boxes, moving supplies, moving kits, and packing & unpacking services  in New York to our follow up and confirmation by our sales representatives, we provide a professional, safe, secure, and cost-effective option for moving yourself, your family, and your business. As an industry leader among Manhattan’s packing and moving box companies, our glowing reviews are a testament to not only our best in class professional services, but the happiness of our fabulous clients. After all, if you’re not happy, we’re not happy! 


Moving boxes NYC same day delivery

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In East Harlem 10029, 10035

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So call us today! You won't be disappointed. We guarantee it!

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